Update: What’s been happening behind the cameras

A little over a month ago, I announced I wouldn’t be posting for several weeks, due to business travel and other things in my personal life. We appreciate your patience and all your kind messages, and now it’s time for an update!

I flew to The Netherlands for my mom’s 80th birthday in May. It had been more than two years since I had seen my family, so it was long overdue!

When I landed at Schiphol Aiport, I was greeted by this sign:

Yes, they are, Schiphol… yes they are!

I was picked up by my dad and brother-in-law and ate a delicious saucijzenbroodje from Albert Heijn. During the rest of the trip, I got to eat all the foods I miss, such as frikandel speciaal and patatje oorlog.

It was great to see everyone, and I also got to meet my great-nephew, Daan, for the first time!! He’s absolutely adorable.

We went to Het Keukenhof, where we enjoyed all the beautiful flowers! It was a great day, and we walked many miles!

Tulips galore, as well as many other types of flowers!

After my short visit to The Netherlands, I spent a week in Barcelona at a tradeshow for work.

I’m back in the US now, so why aren’t there any new videos, you ask? Well, there are more things going on.

First, I got a promotion at work, and I am spending a lot of time learning and getting up-to-speed with the new responsibilities, which leaves me with a lot less time to research, plan, practice, and record recipes.

Second, we have sold our house, and are actively looking for a new house. So, our kitchen is in the process of being packed up. We are closing at the end of June, so I hope that in July we’ll be recording and posting recipes and videos again!

Thank you for your patience! We cannot wait to bring you new content!

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