About Me

I was born and raised in The Netherlands and moved to the United States in 1995. Almost immediately, I missed the food from my home country. Since I enjoyed cooking, I would make the dishes that I knew and loved from my childhood. Often I would call my mom to find out exactly how she used to make something. I’d also run into challenges trying to find the right ingredients.

I remember, as a small boy, that I wanted to become a chef. Soon I realized that I am too picky an eater for that career path. So, instead, I became a product manager at an electronics and software company. Cooking and photography became my hobbies, instead.

With the rise of social media, I often posted photos of what I made. My friends and family all encouraged me to start making cooking videos and a recipe blog. However, I never took it too seriously; after all, the Dutch aren’t well-known for their food, so the dishes couldn’t be that interesting to other people.

For work, my coworkers and I would spend a week or two in Amsterdam, and I became the de facto tour and food guide. We would go to traditional Dutch, modern Dutch, and Indonesian restaurants; they were all exceptionally well received by everyone attending. This is when I realized that the food of The Netherlands has more appeal than I had given it credit for. Clearly, there was interest beyond The Netherlands for Dutch food. However, I was too busy to start a YouTube channel and food blog.

We’ve been spending much more time at home since the pandemic started. With the extra time, I started planning to create this website and my YouTube channel!

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